7 Valuable SEO Tips to Grow Your Local Roofing Business

A roof is a vital part of a home or any given structure. By comparison, a competent and useful SEO strategy for your roofing business is just as vital. Creating a website that’s well-designed and user-friendly can be worth every penny when it comes to your roofing business. 

1. Take advantage of local directory listings

This is exactly what it sounds like if you’re wondering, a roofers local SEO directory that allows you to add your roofing business to the web in an attempt to get the business noticed as much as possible. You want to be added to as many directories as you can be in order to get the kind of attention that will yield the number of leads your business needs. 

2. Utilize meta-titles for all your top services pages

This will grant you the best possible chance to see your roofing business climb the lists when it comes to various search engines. The more one uses meta-titles the more likely it is that your site will be featured higher on the list of possible roofing businesses, thereby increasing the visibility of your site. 

3. Create videos to highlight your most important services

Leads For Roofers

A well-designed video can speak volumes about your business without having to say anything at all. This will allow clients to visualize the process and get a better idea of what your roofing business is all about. Narration isn’t necessarily needed, but it can help out by describing your company and what your goal is as it pertains to the client and their roofing needs. 

4. Utilize guest post links

This isn’t too hard once you get the hang of it, but to start out, try finding a site that has a high ‘domain rating’ and then request to write a blog post that they’ll accept. Link this back to your site, and there you go. Upon finding someone that will let you do this pay close attention to the line of text you’re using to link to your own website. To be effective it should include some blend of your brand, URL, text, and keywords that will best represent your roofing company. While this might not take off right away keep at it, as within a month this could pay off in a big way. 

5. Pay attention to your word count and learn the value of FAQ’s

People don’t want to be bogged down with too much text, but it’s important that you get your point across and let them know what’s pertinent to the client. A FAQ page takes the most commonly asked questions and gives out the best possible answers to alleviate any concerns the client might have and keeps them aware of your dedication to their needs. Clients want to be able to have their questions answered without being inundated with too many facts that they don’t know enough about. 

6. Get to know your customers

Local SEO for Roofing Contractors

This is a common and tried and true practice that’s should be seen as one of the basics when it comes to the roofing business. You’re helping the client with their home, so it pays to get to know them a little in order to build a rapport with them. This will allow them to trust you and your company and be likely to offer a testimonial that can go on your site where others can see. 

7. Optimize your SEO content

Keep your site updated as often as possible. Use popular keywords that can grab the attention of the client and keep them hooked. Keep the graphics to a minimum and utilize them in a manner that catches the attention, but doesn’t overwhelm the main point of the site. Remember, there’s always something that can be improved upon or altered to keep the client’s interest. 

Many of these tips are wise to pay attention to in order to watch your roofing business grow in a significant way. Local roofing businesses are typically in competition with one another to be the best and to attract the largest number of clients, though some will work with each other to gather and foster leads in order to help stimulate the local economy as diverse business practices are necessary at times to give clients options and to help ease the workload from one or two companies. 

But getting leads for roofers, keeping clients happy, and optimizing your SEO is a continual must since clients want to know that your business is keeping up with industry standards and that your business is growing, not stagnating. Clients are often attracted to sites and to companies that can give them a good deal for their money, and to those that present a professional and personalized touch to the business. Keeping your website updated and optimized is a sure way to get the attention of the clients and to keep them talking to others that might have need of your services.