Not every team can devise roofing AdWords & PPC for Roofers that work. Be a savvy roofing company and trust us for your Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign management.

Roofing PPC 

We are specialists in Roofing PPC

From starting a roofing company to keeping it profitable, nothing is easy. You need to make smart choices and devise strategic marketing campaigns to emerge as a customer-centric and credible roofing business.

If you are looking to yield impressive ROI in a short time, investing in roofing PPC can be your best bet. Pay-Per-Click can be the most result-oriented advertising model to attract more qualified leads and convert them to improve your revenue. Further, it’s ideal for dominating the hyper-competitive roofing industry and boosting the number of legitimate hot leads.

Being one of the most trusted roofing marketing experts, we design the best PPC campaigns for roofing companies. From market & competitor analysis to creating the best roofing ads and landing pages, we cover everything to help roofing contractors minimize their roofing AdWords expense, attain the lowest Cost Per Click (CPC) and achieve the highest quality score.

Our Extensive PPC Process for Roofers

To help roofing contractors drive a huge amount of ready-to-act customers, we have our very own PPC campaign success recipe. Our PPC for Roofers process is a five-step process that generates the best returns on investment.

Here’s how we use paid search marketing for our clients:

Initial Research and Market Analysis

We start our PPC mission for roofers by conducting thorough initial research. Our team establishes our KPIs, monthly budget, and marketing goals to make informed decisions in the right direction. We further invest significant time in analyzing the PPC strategies of local competitors, the content of the best roofing ads, and relevant search terms and search volumes to lay the foundation of a successful PPC campaign.

Creating Effective and Data-driven Ad Copy

A good PPC campaign requires ads that convert. With our years of experience, we draft ad copies that are in-sync with the psyche of your potential customers. We use frequently searched terms like roofing services, metal roofs, slate roofs, shingle roofing, etc. and follow the best practices to create high-performing campaigns and ad groups. We also split-test our ad copies and ensure to use the ads that encourage the desired type of traffic.

Tracking the Performance of PPC Campaign

This is where the real game begins. Being credible Pay-Per-Click Management experts, we track, evaluate, and improve the performance of our custom roofing PPC campaign. We ensure to follow all the key metrics including Cost Per Click, Cost Per Conversion, quality score, Click-Through Rate (CTR), and total costs to identify how our PPC efforts are impacting client’s lead generation and conversion goals. This helps us further refine our approach and create optimized campaigns.

Campaign Monitoring and Ongoing Management

At SEO Roofers, keeping an eye on PPC campaigns is an everyday affair. Your dedicated account manager monitors and tweak bids of each campaign, identifies non-converting keywords, and fine-tunes other aspects like demographics, ad messaging, ad extension etc. to generate high-quality traffic and boost conversions. Our efforts result in continuous and evident campaign improvement!

We’ll Provide Detailed PPC Reports To Help You Track Progress

When it comes to roofing PPC, SEO Roofers is one of the most trusted names in the United States. We have all the experience required to build, manage, and monitor a successful PPC campaign for roofers and deliver comprehensive and easy-to-measure results.

To help our roofer clients track the performance of ad campaigns, we craft a well-rounded monthly/quarterly PPC report that focuses on goals and results achieved so far. We believe in transparency and letting our clients know how their PPC campaign is doing.

Why SEO Roofers for your Roofing PPC Campaign?

  • A dedicated team of PPC marketers with roofing Adwords specialization
  • We build optimal account structure and tailor-made PPC campaigns for roofers
  • Experience in creating campaigns by understanding market trends and buyers’ intent

  • Dedicated account manager
  • A knack for using clear headlines, high-quality imagery, and Call-to-Actions (CTAs)
  • Strategic bid management and ongoing optimization
  • Round the clock support
  • Detailed monthly reports to track the PPC performance


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