Social Media for Roofing Companies

Nurture engagement, build your brand, and attract more prospects using social media advertising for roofers.

Facebook Marketing For Roofing

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms present a great opportunity to promote your roofing business. Several roofing contractors are already using Instagram and Facebook marketing for roofing, while several others are trusting other popular platforms like YouTube, LinkedIn, and Pinterest to market their expertise and explore new business opportunities.

At SEO Roofers, we are a dedicated team of social media strategists committed to helping roofers boost their brand awareness & network with builders/general contractors, and engage with their target audience. We use a blend of innovative and tried & true strategies to promote the roofing services of our clients. We connect with roofers, invest time to understand their business goals, explain the importance of both organic and paid social media, and offer tailor-made campaigns to attract a social-savvy audience.

Social Media to Ace the Market Competition

It’s a common misconception that social media for roofing companies is an easy job. However, as we said, it’s a misconception - not true! The roofing industry in the United States is very competitive, and there are over 100,000 active roofing businesses that are trying to dominate this highly populated market.


Social Media Marketing (SMM), when done right, can help you emerge as a credible and market-leading roofing business. It can help you engage with your potential customers and showcase your roofing expertise to increase the number of qualified leads.

We Track and Measure Your Social Ad Performance

We value your investment and our SMM efforts, and so we make it a point to track the performance of our social ads every day.


We use top-rated analytics tools to derive valuable insights. Metrics like Cost Per Click, Click-Through Rate, Cost Per Impression, and Cost Per Conversion helps us to refine our ad campaigns and find solutions that can boost your profits and brand awareness. Our proactive approach and attention to detail are what sets us apart from other roofing marketing agencies.


Our Social Media Services for Roofing Contractors

At SEO Roofers, we offer a broad range of social media advertising services for roofers like Roofing Facebook Ads, Facebook marketing for roofing.

Facebook Marketing for Roofing

Facebook marketing is one of the best ways to drive demand and build a loyal community of customers for your business. We know how to leverage the power of the biggest social network - we set goals, pinpoint the target segment, decide on the budget, and plan creative roofing Facebook ads to get high returns on investment. We also track our campaigns and monitor the results to fine-tune the performance of our SMM efforts.

LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn is a powerful platform to build professional connections and establish brand authority. At SEO Roofers, we specialize in LinkedIn marketing for roofing companies. We actively manage the LinkedIn page of the company, share industry insights, participate in groups, and make new connections for better business performance. We can also launch targeted campaigns and create ads to inspire profitable action from the relevant audience.

Instagram Marketing

Lately, Instagram has emerged as an innovative medium to activate the social status of your brand. If you are keen to use Instagram marketing, our experts are available at your disposal. From creating & publishing branded content to increase the number followers, running targeted ads, using frequently used hashtags and running profitable contests, there’s a lot that we can do to improve the value of your roofing Instagram account.

Twitter Advertising

Twitter is yet another popular social media platform that we use to strategize social media for roofing companies. Twitter for Business is a smart way to promote your roofing services and emerge as an influential brand. We can create Twitter ads to promote your roofing company website, drive more traffic, maximize the reach of your tweets and more to support the growth of your roofing business. It’s an easy, practical, and effective marketing solution to establish your roofing business as a credible brand.


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