Business Savvy Tips for Roofing Companies During Coronavirus

Who knew a virus originating in a seafood market of China would have this big of an effect on the world?

The outbreak brought in its trail a long line of mishaps – curfews, travel restrictions, mass quarantine, ban on export-imports, and much more.

Undeniably, like most service-oriented industries, now is a tough time to be in the roofing contracting business. With price fluctuations, cancellation of pre-existing orders, breakdown of logistics, and scanty workforce, there’s very little respite.

However, all is not lost.

Coronavirus or not, roofs are roofs, and as long they’re there, they will need repairing from time to time. This is precisely why some states in the United States with shelter-in-place orders have classified roofers under the essential business category.

But, how do you handle the constant worry of homeowners fearing contagion? After all, roofing is a physical job that involves meeting clients, visiting places.

Do not worry. There is still a lot you can do to get the job done and be in business.

Here are some important tips to sustain your business during the coronavirus outbreak. 

Work On Your Roofing Website

The entire world is heavily dependent on the power of the Internet to keep things afloat.

The pandemic phase is perhaps a great way to explore the full potential of your business by going online. Start by investing in a website and build your global presence right away. Also, if you have a roofing website already, it’s the best time to revamp it and make it ready for the post-coronavirus world. 

With more than 90 percent of internet users looking for products and services online, building a website is more than just creating an identity for your business. In essence, a website is a one-stop destination to interact with your customers, receive job orders, accept payments, and also receive feedback to build trust and credibility.

People are no more fond of the word-of-the-mouth publicity that once worked wonders for brands. They prefer some proof that they can Google up.

Although word-of-mouth is a great way to get new business, getting it through search engines is even better.  This will allow you to get business from people you’ve never met or done business with before. 

Once you get new potential customers to your website, a well designed and developed website can act like a salesman to complete the deal.

Get Found & Attract More Business with Roofer SEO

Building a website is only the beginning.  You also have to make sure that your roofing business is found when people look for local roofing contractors. 

That’s where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes into play.

No website in today’s world can survive without a thorough SEO plan. Normally, people look for a local roofing contractor as it’s easy to reach out in case they have problems with their roof.

In such trying times, when the best option is to stay at home, SEO for roofing company website can make a difference.

Potential customers don’t have to leave their house to book a roofing estimate. With a solid SEO strategy to back up your ranking across search engines, customers can touch base by simply running a search for “roofing company” or “roofing contractors” in their area.

With the best roofing ads, local paid ads, listing directories, keyword optimization, and internet marketing, it’s a win-win formula.

Sounds complex? Don’t worry.

All you need to do is to get a functional full-service digital agency to make roofer marketing easy for you. 

Embracing Tech to Reduce Touchpoints

Every roofing contract begins with listening and identifying customer pain points.

Sure, the coronavirus pandemic makes it more difficult to stay on your routine course of visits and physical inspections. However, certain alternate ways can come in handy.

This is perhaps the best time to leverage the power of digital marketing for roofers.

Apart from your website, you must build an awesome social media presence. For example, maybe a company page on Facebook where you can talk about your roofing services and newly introduced safety measures to get the job done.

Let your customers know that you are still open for business. Say yes to remote consultation as customers reach out to talk about the issues they are facing.

Many roofers have already embraced aerial measurement software to their advantage. It presents a unique technology for an easy-to-use interface that facilitates on-the-go reports for roof repair that is accessible anywhere, anytime.

As such, it makes it easy for a roofing contractor to get the initial measurements done to start the job, without having to be physically present.

By all means, it greatly reduces the total number of touchpoints between a company and a client. Additionally, it minimizes frequently occurring errors to ensure fast and timely completion of the job.

Roofer PPC Ads to the Rescue

Pay Per Click advertising is yet another powerful way to help you drive more leads for roofing business.

It is a tried and tested formula that has helped many businesses secure a top rank across search engines. You can use location-specific ads that help to guide a user that is close to your place of business, to your roofer website.

If you have launched a new line of service because of the coronavirus pandemic, PPC can be the best way to test whether it’s going to work.

A well-designed and SEO optimized website is the best long-term strategy, but PPC can offer rapid results.  With Roofing PPC, you are guaranteed to boost your digital marketing efforts across any online channel you prefer. It’s likely that you’ll book more jobs and attract higher business. 

Connect and Empathize with Your Customers

Surely, the coronavirus lockdown and quarantine has people feeling very stressed and frustrated.

Make use of social media to show empathy. Make them feel good by letting them know that you are open to offering a solution to their problems more effectively.

Acknowledging their sense of urgency and frustration will help you forge better relationships.

Additionally, respond to their queries online and across social media. 

You can also share interesting content, tips, and ideas for maintenance of roofs, quick self-help remedies while waiting for a repair, and more.

Now that you know how you can go about securing your roofing business amidst the coronavirus, it’s time to put these ideas into action. SEO Roofers is a full-scale agency dedicated to bringing the best experience of digital marketing for roofers

Connect with us today and take your roofing business to new heights or book your free SEO analysis here.