Roofer Marketing Tips – 5 Smart Ways to Get More Roofing Leads

Fueling your roofing business consistently with quality leads is not an easy task. 

It takes years to earn the trust of your local community and build a reputation in the roofing industry. People tend to trust roofers whom they know personally, and this makes it challenging for new roofing contractors to expand their business and make profits. 

This is when marketing for roofing can be your savior. A strategically designed roofing website coupled with marketing campaigns can help you book more jobs. It can help you attract new prospects and improve your ROI for better business performance. 

Today, our team of roofing marketing professionals has listed some tried and true solutions to help you generate more roofing leads or roof repair leads. Let’s get started. 

Five expert ways to drive more leads for the roofing business

1. Optimize your roofing company website to greet your visitors

2. Let your customers be the spokespeople – get reviews and testimonials

3. Meet your leads on social media

4. Leverage Pay Per Click Ads to acquire more Leads

5. SEO for roofers – Your masterstroke for lead generation 

Five expert ways to drive more leads for your roofing business

To drive more roofing leads, it is important to understand the needs of your customer first and then invest in web design/running campaigns. 

When you get this right, kickstart your roofing lead generation efforts with these smart tips. 

1) Optimize your roofing company website to greet your visitors

A professional, functional, and responsive roofer website is the key to getting more leads. Your roofing website must be able to convey the right message about your company; who are you, what do you offer, and how are you relevant to the needs of your visitors. 

Next, if you want the visitors to navigate through every section of your site and scan all your services, you need an impressive homepage. The first impression of your website will decide if your customers want to explore your business more. 

Opt for a visually appealing and balanced website with engaging videos, images, and content to spark the interest of visitors. 

Most importantly, direct your visitors to the lead-capture form, if possible, while offering an incentive for filling in their details. Use Call-to-Actions (CTAs) strategically to inspire customer action and start a new buyer journey for your business.

2) Let your customers be the spokespeople – get reviews and testimonials

Like every other business, word-of-mouth plays a vital role in welcoming new leads to your roofing website too. People trust and follow what others have to say about your business. So why don’t you let them know what your clients are saying about your roofing services? 

There’s no harm in asking your existing customers to mention their experience with your solutions. Many of them would be more than happy to leave reviews for your work. Post their opinions on your homepage under the testimonials section and wait for the visitors to read them. 

Two things will go hand-in-hand:

A)  You will get a chance to reconnect with your past customers, serving as trusted roofers. They will surely reach out to you in the future if they are looking for roofing services again. 

B)  A reliable online reputation will add to your marketing efforts that can bring you more roofing and roof repair leads. Seeing that your roofing company has helped many people to get their roofs replaced or repaired correctly, potential prospects would be more likely to use your company for their roof repairs or replacements.

3) Meet your leads on social media

Showcasing your work is one of the best ways to bring in visitors to your roofing company website. Make videos of your work experiences; who were your clients, what type of service they asked for, and how you met their expectations. Take photos of finished projects.  


SEO for roofers

Now, how to use them? 

Log in to your social media accounts, and add them to your stories and posts. Curate meaningful content to caption these videos and add links to your lead-capturing pages. You may be wondering who would come to look for roofers on social media. But people do care about their homes and keep looking for ideas to make them better. 

You can target your posts to homeowners offering them small tips to maintain their gutters, inspect their roofs, or anything that helps them to improve their living. Go live and answer basic FAQs that you think your viewers may have on their minds.

Tweak your roofer marketing strategy to provide value to your audience while asking them to join your customer base. 

4) Leverage Pay Per Click Ads to acquire more Leads

PPC ads do a fantastic job of listing roofing contractors on the first page of Google. Location-specific ads hold more value in flashing your website as a relevant result of a user’s query for roofing services. 

A significant benefit of roofing PPC advertising is its ability to filter the audience and limit your visibility to potential buyers. Your ads will be visible to people who are actively interested in roofing services and are ready to buy. 

Investing in remarketing is yet another PPC approach to drive leads from all across the web. It never allows your visitors to forget about your website until they surf all over the internet. Wherever they land, they would find your ads following them to check out your offers. 

5) SEO for Roofers – Your masterstroke for lead generation

Millions of people are searching for roofing services every month. Does your roofing website show up to the first page of SERPs? If no, then you’re missing out on getting a served plate of quality leads for your business. 

SEo For Roofers

Search engines like Google use an algorithm to find relevant results for a user’s query. They crawl web pages to look for an appropriate answer. Here’s where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) enables you to excel in search results and rank on the top pages. 

The content on your website has a unique role to play in dealing with algorithms. Optimize your keyword strategy to rank for search terms that people are using to find roofing services. 

You can focus more on Local SEO for roofers to generate potential leads for your business. Rank your roofing company in Google’s Local Pack listing to reach out to homeowners in your area. 

Your overall SEO strategy makes sense in getting you ideal customers for your business. Be proactive and devise strategies that can help you achieve a better online presence. 

We at SEO Roofers offer the best web design and digital marketing services for roofers. We aim to support roofing businesses with our specialized web development and marketing strategies. 

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