Why Should Roofing Contractors Care About Online Reviews

Getting a roof replaced is a big endeavor.  Before spending hard-earned money on a large purchase like a roof replacement, people want to make sure they choose the right company for the job.

In order to make sure they do choose the right company, they will explore the different options and look for company information like reviews, ratings, and testimonials over the web. When they get satisfied with their research, they connect with the contractor for more details. 

Reviews for roofers enable people to learn more about the businesses in their area before making a decision.  Since they are actively seeking reviews for a company, you need to make sure your roofing business has a sound online reputation. Here we have listed why roofers should care about reviews and how they can help drive new roofing leads

How do online reviews work? 

When people search for a roofing contractor on the internet, there are tons of options. 

A lot of the time, customers don’t immediately contact the roofers after visiting their website – they look for reviews and testimonials for the company. Then, they analyze which of the options have the highest ratings and positive reviews for their work.  After this, they will ask for an appointment or quote to make an informed decision. 

From where do the online reviews come?  

Online reviews come from your existing or past customers. 

When your customers like your services, they appreciate your business by leaving a positive review on online business directories like Yelp and Angie’s List. Similarly, if they are not satisfied with your results, they’ll leave negative feedback and often question your expertise. 

Review for RoofersGoogle My Business is a huge platform that allows customers to leave reviews and feedback. All GMB reviews appear next to your listing, making it possible for your potential clients to assess the quality of your service. 

Six Reasons why online reviews matter for roofing contractors

Why are online reviews important?  

Well, because 84% of people trust online reviews just as a personal recommendation. Online reviews help in local SEO for roofers and help you emerge as a leading roofing contractor. 

Further, the importance of reviews is not limited to roofing SEO – there’s more to the story. Let’s take a look. 

1) Review sites rule over other search results

When people search for local services, review sites like Yelp, BBB, Google Reviews, and Facebook Reviews come up before any other search results. They have a higher authority than the actual websites of companies. 

People have a tendency to open the first two-three sites of the first page of search results, and so, they are likely to visit the review sites. 

It’s important to maintain an excellent online reputation on these sites with positive reviews. It will fine-tune your local SEO efforts and will give you a competitive edge to outmatch other roofing businesses. With many positive reviews on online directories, you can expect a healthy flow of new roofing leads. 

2) Reviews help you to improve your customer service

The feedback from your customers is an ideal tool to uncover the scope of improvement in your services. Negative reviews will help you to think about your service quality and find ways to create and maintain a satisfied clientele. 

When you resolve the customer concerns mentioned in the reviews, you will be able to deliver a positive experience to your potential customers. You should check your reviews frequently, respond to each feedback (even the negative ones), and understand your customer expectations to grow your clientele. 

3) Your business earns online credibility

One of the major benefits of online reviews for roofers is that they help you establish your credibility in the market. 

Your reviews convey your expertise and ability to deliver on-time and professional-grade services. Positive reviews on your site let homeowners know that your services are helping people to get a sturdy roof structure, and they can also get benefitted from your market knowledge and roofing industry expertise. 

With the best reviews, you can come across as an industry-leading contractor who can be trusted for all types of roofing jobs. 

4) No extra efforts for client referrals 

Reviews work as recommendations for most of the homeowners who trust online sources before making any significant purchase.

roofers review 

Customers who have given you a review are likely to attract other prospects to your business. They are bringing in a new customer base by acting as brand advocates and marketers themselves. 

From our experience, what online reviews do for generating new leads is more productive than most of the roofing marketing campaigns. They create a positive brand image (without you having to spend), which allows prospects to contact your business directly for roofing services. 

5) Support your roofer sales 

The primary purpose of digital marketing for roofers is to increase sales for the company. 

Roofers work incessantly to spread brand awareness and make people trust their business, and that’s when positive roofer reviews come in handy. 

Reviews from your past customers tell the potential prospects that your roofing business is customer-centric. The best reviews enable people to trust your expertise and contact you for their roof repair & replacement needs. 

As a result, they finally decide to go through your sales funnel. The process repeats itself for many similar customers looking for roofing services. 

6) Decides your position on the SERPs

SEO Review roofers

Search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo! collect information from various sources to provide their users with relevant results. One of the useful sources of information is review sites. 

When people search for roofing companies, the search engines look for information on Yelp, Google reviews, Facebook reviews, and BBB. Based on the overall ratings and reviews for your company, search engine bots decide where you stand on the SERP. 

In other words, reviews play an important role in local SEO for roofers and determine your position in the search engine rankings. The more 5 star-ratings your business has, the higher the chances of you getting the top position on the first page of search results. 

If you are a roofer and looking to build a strong online presence, get in touch with SEO Roofers. Our unique approach to digital marketing for roofers will help you book more jobs and improve your bottom line. 

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