How to Market Your Roofing Business During the Coronavirus Outbreak

The Coronavirus pandemic has turned the economy upside down. Roofing contractors are no exception; COVID-19 likely has prevented your business from bringing in the same amount of leads that you’re used to.

While concerns for the lives of you and your family outweigh any other necessity today, the post-coronavirus world may demand something more significant. When everything gets back to normalcy, people would expect more than they may have today. 

Will you be ready to lead the market then? 

You may not get the regular service requests at this time, but you can prepare to get a massive crowd after the pandemic. To your surprise, these leads would be the ones who would come to YOU, and not the ones whom YOU have to visit. 

While your competitors may back off during COVID-19 due to the declining market condition, you can choose to be active and stay ahead of them. 

Before you follow up with how to level up your roofer marketing, keep away from:

  1. Panicking. Most of the businesses, influenced by the situation, may entirely pull back from their marketing efforts. This is something that can take your leads to the next door permanently. 
  2. Ending e-marketing. Today is the most favorable time to gear up your digital marketing strategies. If you stop your campaign now, you will lose clients reaching through Google My Business and relevant directories, as well as Google Search. 

Roofer Contractor Marketing – Best Strategies to Rule During the Coronavirus Outbreak 

Marketing your roof repair, roof replacement, and other services during this time of pandemic will be a difficult task. People are occupied with the thoughts of uncertainty, and so rather than pitching them outright, you should invest time in building your brand and planning your marketing campaigns for the post-coronavirus world. 

Most of your potential customers are online now; they may find your website and hire your roofing services once the situation gets better. Keeping this in mind, here’s what you can do to emerge as a credible and customer-friendly roofing business. 

Double Down on SEO

No matter the obstacles you may face, SEO for roofers is always a great way to keep your business actively attaining leads. So, if you focus on growing your audience with the best SEO practices, Coronavirus won’t stop leads from reaching you. Crisis never persists permanently, but SEO does. 

Utilize your time to optimize your roofing website for search engines to rank you at the top of SERPs. It’s a long-term plan that can carry you throughout the pandemic. 


Make sure local SEO is in your search engine arsenal


While some local businesses may have been forced to shut down their stores, you can still win them over with local SEO.  Doing things like actively collecting reviews on their GMB listings will help boost their business and prepare them for when all goes back to normal.  While it may seem like a short-term strategy, you will reap long-term benefits. 

Leverage Paid Advertising

Some businesses may refrain from paid ads due to Covid-19, while others can still leverage Google ads to benefit from cheaper clicks. 

Buying clicks for relevant keywords would be more profitable at this moment when most of the businesses are stepping out of the competition.

Higher possibilities in price reduction can help you buy more clicks at a fraction of the cost.  This Covid-19 crisis presents a great opportunity for your business.

Reinforce Roofing Services with a Variety of Tools

SEo Roofers

Marketing for roofers during the Covid-19 crisis is even more critical than ever.  Due to the slowing of the economy, it is even more important to have a strict focus on your marketing to make sure your business continues to generate leads and cash flow.

Since roofing companies are an essential business, you are still able to promote your services and bring in more leads for roof replacements and repairs.

Make sure to let your potential clients know that you are taking the necessary safety precautions during the crisis and that it is perfectly safe to hire you for these services. Show that you care for your customers and nurture loyalty; it’ll pay off well in the post-coronavirus world as well.

Work on Website Design 

Your website can be a great warrior at the time of the economic crisis. Compelling web design for roofers accounts for more conversions amid the pandemic, increased click through rates (CTRs), and customer engagement. 

Incorporate elements that keep your visitors glued to the website. Adding videos to your homepage that increases your brand value will help them to understand your business better. 

Create custom landing pages for your services, especially for location-specific solutions. Curate them with engaging content along with a lead form. 

Location-specific web design for roofers is a direct route to landing local clients or clients in areas of interest. When locals find that the services they are seeking are near to them, they are more likely to convert. 

Enrich your blogs and other resources with educational content. Post stuff that people are looking for online. Research topics that your audience is typing in daily, find keywords that best fit your business and resonate with the present condition, and then rank your blog through these keywords. 

You can also benefit from backlinking to increase your audience on your site. Utilize the time to create guest posts on other websites to invite their customers to your website. Look out for sources that require your content, mainly to deal with Coronavirus. You can expect a minimum of 1-2 links every day if you pitch ten such people. 

Communication is key

Roofer contractor marketing can profit in this situation only if customers keep engaging. You need to win their trust if you want them to stay connected with you. 

The contemporary world won’t allow you to get in touch at their doorsteps, but your online presence will help you greatly. Video communication is the best way to stay in touch with your customers. Never let your leads sit idle after they check-in for your services.

Use your social media accounts to their fullest capacity. Go live to answer customer queries; take the initiative and try to consider common questions that a customer might have. You can also run ads on Facebook and Instagram to improve your online presence. 

Spend some face-to-face time with people to address their real-time issues. For roof repair projects, you can examine the problem while maintaining a safe distance. 

At SEO Roofers, we understand that marketing for roofers is full of challenges during the Coronavirus period. We always carefully choose the best strategy for each situation and we specialize in SEO for roofers to help them gear up their marketing endeavors. 

We are a roofing digital marketing agency that provides best-in-class services for your roofing company. Let us help you get more business!