How Marketing Can Help to Boost Your Roofing Leads

Business owners have a lot to think about when it comes to their day to day activities and procuring and managing leads for a roofing company can be stressful and time-consuming. The ability to pay attention to and maintain roofing leads however is a big responsibility that can have a serious impact on your business.

Roofing lead generation isn’t the easiest task in the world, but leads for roofers are essentially like money in your pocket since many roofing leads can lead to guaranteed business while others can at least help to promote more leads for your roofing company. 

Here are several tips that can be extremely helpful when it comes to roofing lead generation

1. Make good use of roofing SEO to promote roofing lead generation

When a person can realize that consumers use search engines for just about anything and everything, it becomes easier to utilize this tool to help customers find their way to your site. Every roofer wants their site to be among the first, if not THE first, that customers are going to see when they type in their need for roofing. By taking advantage of popular and useful SEO practices you can make certain that they’ll see your business more often and that you’ll be able to rake in the roofing leads as a result. 

SEO to help roofing lead generation is all about using the right keywords and realizing how they’re being optimized both on and off your site. You’ll want to include keywords on every page, create content that will promote interest in those that view your site, and you’ll definitely want to take advantage of backlinks from sites that carry a lot of authority in your industry. 

2. Take full advantage of social media marketing to procure more roofing leads

It might sound like a risk since there is typically so much going on in social media, but the exposure is worth the effort since the ability to find new roofing leads on social media is a goldmine that some companies have already tapped into.

Roofing lead generation on social media is a slow process thanks to the vast amount of information that’s there for the average viewer, but breaking into the social media market in an attempt to offer a service is a way to gain a great deal of exposure for your business and can help to generate leads for roofers that are willing to wade through the various networks in order to find their niche. 

3. Claiming your listings on review sites is a good way to protect leads for roofers

There are literally dozens if not more sites on the internet that customers use to give feedback. People tend to read the reviews that are left by those that have been using local businesses, which means that they’re making themselves aware of what’s out there and what other people are saying about them. The reason this is important when it comes to roofing lead generation is that since people want to know what they’re getting into before making an appointment, having them read testimonials and reviews is one of the best ways for your business to grow since the better the review, the better the chance that the customer will be giving you a call.

Claiming your business is pretty easy, as it takes verification that you do own the business. After that, it’s a matter of designating where the notifications will show up on your site. Plus, getting your business listed on review sites is fairly easy. 

4. Pay close attention to your GMB listings to help boost your roofing leads

Only a certain percentage of businesses have gone ahead to claim their GMB listings, which is surprising since it’s such a highly reliable method of generating roofing leads. Keeping a close eye on your GMB listings allows you to stay on top of the most recent reviews that are given, it can help you upload photos that might help to enhance your site, and can be used to manage your contact information and other pertinent data that will help your site to stay updated.

By keeping your GMB listings up to date and making certain that you pay close attention to the roofing leads that you’ve already developed, and any that might still be incoming, you can continue to upgrade your site and your business. 

5. Social Media is always an option when trying to drum up leads for a roofing company

Roofing lead generation

Using social media as a marketing tool is a big plus that your business can use since there are many different ways to utilize this valuable resource. But simply posting a job on social media can also work, without making any mention of marketing, can serve as its own testimonial since this is an effective way to show a bit of realism and transparency in your business.

With this method however it’s wise to obtain the permission of the customer firsthand since otherwise, any posts that are obtained without the right permission could land you in hot water. Should the customer prove willing to show off the work that’s been done and even give your business a shout-out, that single post becomes worth that much more. 

One thing about social media is that it can easily be overused and possibly become a problem if it’s used too often. This method is still valuable, but it’s best to use it as a supplementary method in conjunction with other practices that can help to bolster your business and generate more roofing leads. 

6. Canvassing is an old school method when it comes to roofing leads, but it still works

This is definitely one of the more labor-intensive methods of drumming up leads for roofers, but when it comes to roofing lead generation there’s nothing quite like leaving flyers in mailboxes or on doorknobs since this is where people are bound to see them. It has a fairly low success rate unfortunately when it comes to generating actual roofing leads, but it only takes a few interested individuals to make this idea work. 

7. Allying with local and corporate businesses can help to generate leads for roofers

Some business owners might be hesitant to do this, but in the roofing industry, roofing lead generation can be greatly affected by who you know and who you’re willing to work with. By saying yes to businesses such as Lowes, Home Depot, and even local businesses that can generate leads for roofers by making recommendations as customers are purchasing materials, a roofing business can gain a great deal of renown.

Roofing leads are hard enough to get on your own, but when someone is doing part of the work for you then it becomes easier to manage the leads as they start coming in. By taking on a partnership with other businesses the coverage and leads for your roofing company should grow in a big way. 

8. Email marketing is still a reliable tool for roofing leads for those that know how to use it

Another tool that’s valuable but also time-consuming is sending out emails to a community, in a sense fishing to see who will bite and who will actually need your services. Roofing leads might come a bit slow if this is your only method, but as a supporting method that’s being used to generate more business, this could possibly help to bolster your numbers and keep things flowing in the direction they need to go. It’s very likely that you won’t see a great return using this method since some folks might not even see it if the email goes directly to their Spam file. But again, it’s a way to cover your bases and make certain that your business is taking every possible action it can. 

9. Trade shows are still a highly preferred method of roofing lead generation

This is where a lot of roofing leads used to come from, and roofing lead generation is still fairly proven at such shows since it’s a chance to meet with potential customers, with fellow tradesmen, and possibly with big corporations that will allow a business owner to enter into an alliance as was mentioned in point #7. It’s also beneficial to attend trade shows in order to stay on the cutting edge of the industry and make certain that your business is conforming to the proper regulations and standards that the industry demands. By attending trade shows it’s possible to stay on top of anything and everything that might need to change with your own business and to keep a close eye on the competition to see what they’re doing that’s working.

This could inspire a business owner to change their business model in a way that might allow them to remain competitive and could even allow them to gain a few new ideas and to develop marketing skills that they hadn’t thought about before. One of the best reasons for attending trade shows though is to showcase just what you’re offering and to pick up at least a few new roofing leads that might pan out later on. 

Another positive note that can come from trade shows is that roofing leads can be picked up if you choose to engage those that attend in some way that allows them to win prizes and gives incentive for them to sign up for a mailing list that can be utilized later on. Many of the marketing ideas that are found on this list can be helped out by renting a booth at a trade show since the more you push your business to the people, the more customers will want to listen to what you have to say. 

10. Keeping in touch with your local chamber of commerce can produce leads for a roofing company

The more you know about your community, the more it will affect the roofing leads, strange as that might sound. It’s true though. If you happen to know your community and are able to keep a good rapport with local businesses and any customers that you happen to have in said community, then you already have a leg up when it comes to roofing lead generation. With the testimonials and word of mouth given by those that have already used your roofing service it’s possible that you can utilize those testimonials on your website. Get to know your community and let them know you, and the word will spread.

11. Direct mail is slower, but it’s a way for companies to build roofing leads that’s still available

Many people might see this as unreliable these days, but when it comes to roofing leads it could be a great supplementary method that might help to bolster the business and create continuing leads for your roofing company. The process is definitely time-consuming, it does take a lot of materials, and it does require someone whose job is simply to deliver each flyer to a community.

One of the other downsides to this is that the cost of materials can vary and can be a bit spendy. However, a good way to do this is to obtain a mailing list at trade shows by engaging potential customers in a way that will get them interested in hearing more and signing the mailing list in order to hear future offers. 

Wrapping Up

Generating roofing leads is both different and similar to what it used to be like since word of mouth and various marketing ideas still go a long way. With the advent of search engines and the fact that technology has changed the way people do business, however, it has become necessary, now more than ever, to pay attention to the various ways that marketing can help your business. The wise business owner will be able to see the value in online marketing and will be able to diversify when it comes to spreading the word about their business. Marketing is how you can stand out from the crowd, particularly in a city that’s saturated with similar businesses.