Improve Your Roofing Leads with Optimized Google My Business Profile

Google My Business (GMB) listing is an integral part of a local SEO strategy. 

As a roofing contractor, it’s a must for you to claim your GMB listing and optimize it to improve your online presence. 

You should carefully update information about your business and its services, hours of operation, business images, and contact details to keep your customers informed. It will also make your business ‘findable’ in the local search results, thus helping you drive traffic of ready-to-buy local buyers. 

Here’s how you can keep an updated GMB profile. 

Tips to Optimize your Google My Business Profile for More Roofing Leads

> Ensure you have correct and the latest information on GMB listings

The first thing that makes sense while doing local SEO for roofers is business information. 

Who are you, how to contact you, where is your company, and for how long do you operate – these questions strike your visitor’s mind when they land on your listing. Make sure your information on GMB is accountable for all these queries. Let’s take a closer look at it. 

> Name your business carefully

You might have done it while creating the listing, but check your business name once. Is it the same as what you use across the internet – as in directory sites, local chamber of commerce, and other business listing sites? If not, it can impact your search engine rankings and leave your customers confused. Make sure every character in the name is the same across the web. 

> Specify operating hours

Mention the correct operating hours in the listing. If your office closes at 5 pm, indicate this in the business information. This will make your customers know when they can reach you to discuss their roofing needs. 

> Add your office number

If you have wrongly entered your contact number while creating a GMB listing, change it now. It should be your main office line that will show across the internet.

> Your website must follow the standards

While adding your company website, make sure it is the same as your site was set up. Don’t add “www,” if the actual website URL doesn’t include it. You can also add the contact us page in the appointment URL for your leads to contact quickly. 

> Get your service area and service radius right

After homeowners have gone through your “business bio,” they will check out your location. Your office address should be the same on GMB listing as well as social media profiles and directory sites. 

Local SEO

Enter service areas where you actually offer your roof repair and replacement services. Don’t add locations that you don’t intend to serve. 

>Ensure three things while optimizing your service area

1. Do not enter the service radius beyond your capacity. If you cannot go farther than 20-22 miles, mention it as it is.

2. Select “I also serve customers at my home address,” even if it’s your home. 

3. Tick the box that reads, “I deliver goods and services to my customers at their location.” 

> Elaborate the services section

Apart from the business description, GMB has made another feature important for roofing SEO – the Services. You already mentioned being a roofing contractor, but there can be subcategories to define your services more clearly. 

Add a subcategory for every roofing service like installation, repair, replacements, etc. Then, further categorize them into types of installation, what kind of damage you repair, and whether you offer full roof replacements.

Don’t forget to add their prices. Also, if possible, include a short description of every service to make it easier for your customers to understand your business clearly. Mention if you do commercial roofing or residential roofing or both to qualify your leads further. It will let you avoid irrelevant calls at your office. 

> Make your business gallery creative

Showcasing your projects is a practical tip for local SEO for roofers. People tend to believe what they see. Keep adding pictures of your roofing projects on your GMB profile. 

Include before and after images in the same file to avoid confusion. Ensure the quality of pictures portrays your work well. If you can, add videos of your projects as well. You can record the process from start to end. 

Don’t forget to add your business name to the visuals. If a Google search somewhere flashed your image, the people can easily recognize your business. This pops up another tip for you; create Google posts in the form of images, videos, or text. They will show up on your GMB profile for seven days.

> “Request a Quote” and “Message Now” buttons are important 

The tech-savvy homeowners book their appointments on mobile phones using apps, email, and other online platforms. GMB has a messaging and request quote option to your listing that lets your customers book their appointments easily. 

If you download the GMB app on your phone too, you will be notified about their messages and other activities on your listing.  

> Ask for referrals and testimonials for your company

Roofer Reviews

For businesses like roofers, client referrals play a significant role in bringing new roofing leads. Leverage the Google review section by GMB. You can ask your existing customers to describe their experience with your business.

Ask them to post their reviews on your Google My Business profile. You can also persuade them to refer your roofing services to their dear and near ones. It allows you to improve the “Gold-star rating” on your GMB profile. 

Make sure you respond to negative reviews along with positive ones to tell Google you’re welcoming constructive feedback from your clients. Answer their queries on the Q/A section without ignoring a single question. This enhances your business’s credibility.

Creating a smart local SEO strategy isn’t easy, and so it’s wise to let professionals take the charge. 

At SEO Roofers, we offer full-fledged digital marketing services for roofers. From developing a professional roofing website to improving your online visibility, we can help you generate more roofer business. 

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