Why Google Reviews are Essential for Your Roofing Business

Those that are in the roofing business know all too well just how rough it can be when having to compete with other businesses for customers. There are numerous methods and techniques that have been used in the past and that have been tested and proven to work, but in the current era, a great deal of the business is conducted online. There’s still plenty of face to face time as the roofing contractors and the clients need to be able to communicate in some way so as to convey what’s needed and how the job should be handled. But everything leading up to that point is typically done online these days, and as a result, Google Reviews are worth their weight in gold, just as the word of mouth and advertising have been throughout the years. 

Here are a few reasons why Google Reviews are worth looking into. 

1. Google reviews can increase the visibility of your site

With as many roofing businesses as there are in any given area, it can be difficult to obtain the needed roofing leads and even compete with different companies if you’re not taking advantage of every opportunity that Google can offer you. Google is more than just a search engine when it comes to promoting your business, it’s an edge that many businesses can no longer do without. By staying visible your roofing business will not only stay afloat, but it could easily reach clients that have no knowledge of your business just yet. 


Roofing Reviews

2. Positive reviews can influence customers that visit your website 

In any business, one should strive to be the best or at least do the best job they can in order to gain a positive review. This is how people come to trust your roofing business and even go so far as to recommend your business to other people they might know. Word of mouth is still a powerful tool and whether someone speaks to another person or does so through a testimonial on your site the result is usually positive and will help improve your business. People want to hire a roofing business they feel they can trust. 

It’s likely that you’ll be given negative comments as well, but it’s important not to take these personally, and to keep them up on your site for transparency. The trust that you want to build with your clients relies on how open you are with them, which includes keeping the positive and negative testimonials. Should someone ask about a negative comment, be prepared to explain the situation in a calm and rational manner. Be honest, and be transparent, as many prospective clients will appreciate this. 

3. This becomes a great way to interact with potential clients and current customers

This is especially true with the current state of things thanks to the COVID-19 virus since people are online now more than ever and are constantly looking for one service or another that they might need. By increasing your presence online through Google Reviews you will find that people will want to learn more about your business and will as questions that are pertinent to what they want or need. By being able to interact and answer their questions in a timely manner one can build a rapport with potential clients and customers. 

4. Reviews will increase the traffic on your site

The greater the number of reviews a site has, the more likely it will be that people will click on your site and see what’s there to see. This will drive your click rate up as you continue to gain more and more attention. As a result, your roofing business will become a little more well-known each time as people continue to drop by and the popularity of your site starts to rise. 

One important quality about your site is to keep it updated and optimized as often as possible. Prospective clients might be on the fence when it comes to whether or not they want your services. A static site that never changes with the industry indicates a roofing business that might not incorporate any new and efficient changes to industry standards. Keep your site updated and the traffic will continue to build. 

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5. Google is the king of the search engines, so it’s wise to take advantage of its services

Taking advantage of one of the greatest ways to push your roofing business is a wise move without question. In the old days, many roofing companies had to pound the pavement, sending out flyers, take out ads in the newspaper, rely on word of mouth, and hope and pray that their services would be highly spoken of when it came to getting leads for roofers. There’s still a good deal of guesswork in the business, and there’s still plenty of competition. But taking advantage of Google Reviews to obtain new leads and push your business to those that need it is what will allow you to compete in the industry today. 

Google Reviews will do wonders for your roofing business as long as you take advantage of the tools that are at your disposal.