The 7 Best Qualities of a Roofing Landing Page

So what is a landing page? Often, a business will find the need to give the consumer a very specific and detailed idea of what they do, and what services they can provide. In the modern era, most companies have achieved this goal by creating what is called a landing page. The landing page will often have a header, various images, short bits of text describing what they do, and what they can offer. And the best sites will feature a call to action. 

Those sites that incorporate the best qualities of a landing page will focus on telling the consumer what they want to hear, and what kind of services they can offer. Here are several of the best qualities that your roofing landing page should strive to show the consumer. 

1. Your roofing landing page has a clear, well-defined purpose

Begin your roofing landing page with a one to two-sentence goal. Don’t get too wordy and don’t throw an avalanche of facts and statistics at a consumer. Consider what you want to get out of your landing page, and worry more about hooking the consumer instead of adding too many technical details. Know what you want when heading into the creation of your roofing SEO landing page. Focus on connecting with your potential customers and the links that will help your landing page to connect in a natural manner to your future clients. 

2. The landing page fits its audience

Roofing Landing Page

Why are people coming to your page? Where does your target audience originate from? This is important when it comes to hyperlinks that will direct consumers to your roofing landing page, as learning where the bulk of your audience is coming from will show you how to best utilize the links that your landing page will require. This can help when it comes to learning how and when to adjust your content and to include imagery that will help traffic on your site. You might have to gauge the interest level in the service you’re offering in order to understand how best to adjust your site. 

3. Your landing page has convincing headers

Think about the first thing you’re apt to look at when you click on a website. It could be anything. But whether it’s the logo or another header that caught your eye this is what a roofing landing page needs to keep people interested in reading any further. A good rule of thumb for any landing page is to focus on what the consumer feels will benefit them. The header is the opening of your landing page, the effective hook that will pull people in and will keep them interested in learning more about what you have to offer. Don’t get too cute with it and don’t go for the grandiose, get to the point and word your headers for your roofing landing page in a way that describes what you do, and how the consumer can get what they want. 

4. There is an authoritative call to action that matches the effort your site requires

One thing a landing page shouldn’t do is lead the consumer on since this is a good way to lose interest. There needs to be a payoff that is only a click or two away and doesn’t ask the consumer to spend more time than they’re willing to invest in order to gain the reward they desire. For instance, when thinking of a roofing landing site, are you more likely to continue forward if the site asks you a litany of technical, in-depth questions about your home, or do you want to know what kind of quote they can offer you when it comes to fixing your home? The details are what comes after the call to action, as your landing site needs to extend an offer that will benefit the consumer. 

5. The landing page uses vivid images that pertain to your business

You can describe a roof in various ways that will create vivid imagery within the minds of your potential clients, or you can show them images of what your company does and what the finished product could look like. Even pictures of a house under construction could go a long way towards convincing any potential customers that your company is worth checking out. A good roof landing page will show what they can do, what they offer, or at the very least a few of their people hard at work on a job site. This shows the consumer that you’re serious when it comes to your business. The text conveys information, but vivid and convincing images convey the feeling that your company is worth the time and effort to research. 

6. There are few if any unnecessary distractions on the page

Your roofing landing page doesn’t need the pomp and flair that other sites might need. Eliminating any unnecessary distractions from your landing page is a boon since it will allow the consumer to focus on the pertinent information that drew them to the site without having their attention diverted elsewhere. Don’t bother being flashy, your site needs traffic first, and flair later. 

7. Your landing site changes/evolves when it needs to

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Your site will need to change now and again to keep up with the business as industry standards and practices will change over time. By keeping your roofing landing page versatile, capable of evolving, and changing when it needs to, you’ll be able to figure out what’s working and doesn’t need to be touched, and what might need to be adjusted, adapted, or changed entirely to keep the same level of traffic, or to increase the traffic as your business continues. Being able to change is a must when it comes to roofing, and your landing page needs to reflect that fact. 

By following these seven steps you can bet that your roofing landing site will be able to generate a good flow of roofing leads and traffic.